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Better Decision Making

Are you practicing "data driven decision making" or are you still operating by "gut feel?" We believe that data should be the driver of any real estate business looking to scale.

Industry Expertise

Does it feel like you're teaching more to your CPA than they are teaching to you? We invest heavily in to learning the latest trends in the real estate to help you scale profitability.

Custom Tax Strategy

Making more money comes with a price...more taxes. Creating a tax plan is essential to scaling your business while efficiently managing your tax liability.

How We Work Together

A simple four step process:

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Does this sound familiar?

Your finance department has failed to scale like the rest of your business...

You are constantly confused about where your business stands financially...

Your financial reports are limited or non-existent...

Your revenue continues to grow but your profits lag behind...

Oh, and your tax bill, is always haunting you...

These are symptoms of an organization that has scaled past the traditional CPA model. If this sounds like you, it is probably time to start considering a Fractional CFO service. A good Fractional CFO service will help you understand the finances of your organization and advise on how to grow it profitably. 

BEC CFO provides CFO and High Income Tax services to select entrepreneurs and real estate investors. Our process is to create a financial rhythm in your business so that you have the necessary information to make good decisions in scaling your business. 

Due to our hands on process and limited capacity, we can only work with a small number of select entrepreneurs. If you are ready to see if we could be a good fit for your organization fill out the application below.

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